Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm a TA!

On Monday my costume design professor asked me to be her TA for costume construction. I'm so excited! Yay for helping people learn to sew!

This was a few years ago. But a pictures always make blogs more fun to read, so here's a picture.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where did summer go?

It's back to school tomorrow and I can't believe it. I'm pretty sure I've been spoiled this summer. First off, I work at the best job ever, sewing awesome costumes. Then I come home and play and sew and cook... oh and sew some more. After that it was off to Pennsylvania and Cape Cod and then to the beautiful mountain resort of Snowbird for a family reunion (some people cringe when I say that, but I love my family so it was a treat.) Who'd want to go back to school when they've had a summer like that? But as I was reminded today, I am very lucky that I can go to school. I shouldn't complain. And I am determined to make this the best semester yet, so with that in mind it's going to be awesome.

But enough of that. Here's pictures of my trip:

My dear old roommate and I:

That part of the trip didn't quite go as planned... coming in at 1:30 am instead of 4:30 pm, broken air conditioning and closed tollways. BUT despite that, my two days with her were a blast! One of the days we went to the Jersey shore (the beach in New Jersey, but it's the shore, not the beach in the East). We went with her singles ward and it was so much fun playing in the ocean and talking to people about life as an LDS young adult on the East coast. After that day I decided I'm moving to the East.

After that I went to my cousin's. They live next to the city of...Hershey! So much chocolatey fun! I only spent 3 days in Hershey, since we soon left for Cape Cod to visit their grandparents (not on my side), but I loved it while I was there!

Hershey Park: an amusement park dedicated to chocolate:

Now these next photos are important. They document my first time riding a Ferris wheel. Pathetic? Perhaps. Okay, it's really pathetic considering I'm 21 years old. But I did it! Yay! I've certainly come a long way from my fearful childhood days. I was afraid of everything... heights, water, dogs, spiders, snakes, fish butterflies, sunflowers... yeah we don't need to continue. You get the picture. But I'm certainly showing my fear of heights who's boss! First, a Ferris wheel and then last week rock climbing and repelling (those pictures will come later). It certainly is exhilarating to go rock climbing(or perhaps it's the getting over fears that's so exciting?).

Eleanor Roosevelt said:

We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot.

One of my favorite quotes and something I try to live by. I highly recommend living this way if you don't do it much.

Enough of my ramble. Here are pictures:

More pictures and rambles to come.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Back!

Taken on the ferry ride to Nantucket

I'm back and really need to start blogging again. Sorry I've abandoned you! More pictures and stories to come.