Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Happy Place

 Tonight and last Sunday I went to the mountains to see the changing leaves.  I'm so grateful I've been able to go twice already.  Usually I don't make time for it, but this year I simply had to.  I've been craving the mountains.  It's my happy place.  I wish I could go sit in the trees every night.

Isn't this a beautiful happy place?
I could stay there forever.

*These beautiful pictures were taken by my lovely little sister, Jessica.  Thanks Jess!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Design Blog

I started a new blog today.  Don't worry, this one will go on as my personal blog.  I decided that it was time to start one dedicated to my design and sewing work.  It will be a great place for people to go to quickly see my design work without having to read about my personal life.  If you like, take a look or even become a follower.  I've put a few new projects up already.

Monday, September 17, 2012

In the Heights and Graffiti

Friday night I went with some friends to see, "In the Heights" at Pioneer Theatre.  I had heard fantastic things about it through the rehearsal process and talking to the set and costume designer, Skip Mercier, yet I was still pleasantly surprised with how much I loved this show filled with rap and hip hop.

"In the Heights" cast
The story is so heartwarming and the design element was incredible too.  The set made you feel like you were actually in New York, where this takes place.  Absolutely stunning, in a run down New York neighborhood sort of way.

Now enter Saturday morning.  I wake up to a policeman at my door, songs from "In the Heights" still playing in my head.  My little sister came to get me, telling me it had to do with my car.  I wracked my brain trying to think what it could be.  And to be honest, it was better than I expected, though completely unexpected.  The policeman informed me that my car had been tagged during the night.  I went out to see a crude word spray painted on my black car.  So strange.  I felt a little like I should be in New York, not my cozy little Mormon town.  It was so strange to have that happen after seeing a play the night before with graffiti on the set and even a character named Graffiti Pete.  It was like the play jumped into my reality, in an unkind way.

Luckily, the paint came off fairly well with Goof Off.  There are some hints still in the scratches in my car, but it really isn't bad.  There are so many worse things that could have happened.  I'm grateful it wasn't anything worse and that it was resolved fairly quickly.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Believe in You!

Almost everyday I leave school and work feeling like I can do anything.  Why?  Because I have awesome professors and classmates who believe in me.  For example, my costume design mentor thinks I have what it takes to work at Shakespeare's Globe theatre in London this next summer.  I wouldn't have presumed myself good enough for such a prestigious theatre, yet thanks to a professor who believes in me, I'm going to apply.  Crazy!  Wouldn't it be fun to go work in London?

The Globe (from
Another example happened today.  I am taking an entrepreneur class for my minor and I feel grossly inadequate most days.  I've taken so few business classes and this class has upper level business majors and MBA's... and me the theatre major.  Yikes!  It is a discussion based class and I've felt I have very little to contribute to the conversation given my background.  Well, today we broke into groups to start companies (yes, I'm going to start a real live business!) and this guy who always makes super intelligent comments came straight over to me and asked me to be in his group.  He told me he was impressed with my comments and wanted to work with me.  I was so flattered!  Perhaps my comments were a little better than I thought.  For the rest of class I sat a little straighter and commented more confidently.  

It's amazing what it does to you having someone believe in.  The results are so much better than trying to change someone through criticism.  I suppose you could say it's the power of love.  If you're trying to force someone to change, they will probably just resent you and you will get nowhere.  Yet, if you see the good in the other person they will want to rise up to your vision of them.  I know I have.  Would I want to let my professor or my classmate down after they've shown such confidence in me?  Heavens, no!  Their belief in me makes me want to give all I can to be better.

I've been lucky enough to have people believe in me.  Some people don't and that breaks my heart.  I know I must fall grossly short in loving and believing in people as much as I should, but I hope my efforts at least make a dent.  Everyone needs a cheerleader who sees their potential and tells them that they can succeed.  I hope I can do my part to spread the love and help people stretch towards their potential.  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Bit of Sabbath Love

After watching this tonight, I feel inspired and empowered.  I have a desire to live bolder and serve more.  That is what the word of God does.  It makes me think of the quote by Boyd K. Packer:

“True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior. The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior.”     

I love that.  I am so grateful we have the words of ancient and modern day prophets to lead us on our way.  I would be so lost without it.  

And for one last spiritual boost listen to the song in the video below.  It's one of my favorite Jenny Phillips songs.   It's called "Stay," and that is exactly how I feel.  I'd like the spirit I felt tonight to stay with me throughout this next week and all my days.
Happy Sunday.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Love Affair with Wool

Today I bought this scrumptious wool for a jacket I'm making in my tailoring class.  I am in love with it.  My little sister will surely attest to my obsession with it.  I think she heard me rave about this wool to one too many people this evening.  It is just so soft and not fuzzy and scratchy like the wool from JoAnn.  I love JoAnn for their coupons, but their quality of fabric is definitely lacking.  So tonight I ventured to this Yellow Bird Fabrics that I've been hearing about for the past year.

It's located in this cute blue house.  Perhaps the house itself isn't that cute (although I do love that color blue).  Inside is adorable and filled with fine fabrics.  The owner was there and she was delightful to talk to.

Anyway, I'm starting to sound like an advertisement for Yellow Bird.  I was just delighted to find somewhere that actually sold beautiful wool and not just nasty fuzzy stuff.  I'm sure I'll be back.

Here is what I'm going to make out of the wool: 

I love the shape of this.  The body is going to be out of the red and then the collar will be out of the black.  I'm also adding double welt pockets (see example below) and they will be piped in black as well.
This except without the little loop.

It's going to have the look of a riding jacket, comme รงa.
I've been fancying a riding jacket for years now.

Perhaps I'll have to get a jaunty hat with a feather to go with it ; )

I'm so energized and excited about this project and really this whole school year.  It's going to be busy and a little crazy, but I have some great opportunities coming up!  I just love what I do!