Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Few Collages

I had a request to see more of my projects so I thought I'd share with you some of the process as I design my first show, Les Belles-Soeurs. It's a very small show with practically no money, so I'll be pulling the whole thing from costumes already around. Today I made collages to show my ideas so I can show them to the cast on Monday. Collages are usually used when the show is mostly bought or pulled from stock. Hope you enjoy these!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Skiing and New Years

Last week I went skiing for almost my first time.  The time before that I was really little and terrified of heights... So terrified that when my ski instructor took us to the lift I sat down and cried.  I refused to get on it.  I don't really count that as my first ski experience. 

Last week was great.  It was really hard, but at the end I started to get a hang of turning and was more in control.   I went at it determined to conquer any fears I had about it.  I'll probably have to go again to conquer all my fears, but I made a good start : )

My grandpa is in his 80's and is quite the skier.  He's incredible!  He will hit the slopes whenever he can and was kind enough to help me learn.  Thanks to my amazing ski school teacher and my wonderful grandpa I stayed alive.  I have to admit there were some near misses with trees.  The first time down the hill I couldn't figure out how to turn or slow down and I was headed right towards a cluster of trees.  I heard my teacher yell, "I'm coming for you!" and he flew down the hill, grabbed me and turned me to safety.  Yikes!  That could have been ugly! 

It was nice to finally be apart of the skiing that my family (especially my grandpa) so enjoys.

On New Years Eve my dad's family all got together to celebrate New Years with all sorts of Japanese food.  My sister and I tried making sushi for the first time.  So fun!  Now if only I liked eating it...

There's a little update, my friends.  I must warn you, school starts on Monday and I'll be diving head first into quite the load of school, work, and designing two shows so I might disappear a bit.  I do love keeping this up and the excuse it gives me to take pictures so don't be too surprised if I still write despite my schedule.