Sunday, February 5, 2012

Some Recent Projects

This is a prom dress I made for my cousin. Pink is her favorite color, and this is very pink!

My little sister and mom made these beautiful flowers that complete the dress. Thanks Mom and Jess!

This is a Christmas tree skirt I made for a lady at work. For the annual Christmas exchange. We could use any materials from the costume shop for the presents. So fun! I loved the combination of burlap and red ruffles. I kind of want one myself.

I still owe you a picture of the coat I made, but I keep forgetting to take one. I'll post one sometime!

Les Belles Soeurs that I'm doing the costumes has its dress rehearsal this weekend, so after that I'll post some photos. Things are crazy busy with that, so this is a short post, but just wanted to say I'm alive and share these projects with you (the pink dress I just finished, but the Christmas tree skirt is from before Christmas).


  1. The dress looks amazing. Lizzie is so excited to wear it and see it soon. You did an amazing job. I will make sure we take pictures of her and e-mail you her in the dress or send it in the mail. Thank you for all of your hardwork.

  2. Thanks Kimmie! Please do take pictures. I'd love to see her in it! Miss you and we need to talk soon!