Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July

Jen and I after running the Freedom Run 5k. Aren't the shirts really cool this year?

Jen attempting to take our picture on a timer. For some reason I really like this picture.
My fourth of July outfit. I believe holidays are for dressing up. I had people ask me all day if there was a reason I was dressed up, and I simply said, "for the holiday." Someone even said I looked like Snow White. Can't say I minded that : )
Family BBQ with the family, done inside with class.

Stadium of Fire, fireworks.  We had the perfect view of them and fireworks all along the valley at my friend's ward party.  This is how fireworks are supposed to be in my mind.  Big, beautiful, and with friends.

Yesterday was a fantastic Fourth of July.  Probably one of my favorites.  Good company, good run, good fireworks and good food... Except I don't even want to think about food because I've been in bed all morning sick.  Luckily yesterday was such a good day, it almost compensates for being sick.

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