Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh what are men to rocks and mountains?

Not really. 
I think men are pretty great, but whenever I'm in the mountains I think of that Jane Austen quote. 

Do you like my Mary Jane shoes that doubled as my hiking shoes when I first got here?  (My tennis shoes were coming down later with a friend)

Surprisingly, they did very well (even though they got very dirty, and my socks are stained orange from it). I've loved these Merrell shoes. Unfortunately they don't make them anymore and mine are starting to feel a little worn.

Here are some pictures from the hiking I've done while I've been in Cedar City:

Zions National Park
Most of these are at the upper Emerald Pools.  It was so beautiful.  I love the contrast of the red rock and the greenery.

Red Cliffs
At Red Cliffs there were Anasazi ruins and dinosaur prints as well as a fun hike.  It was a delight to go with people who had never seen dinosaur footprints or ancient ruins.  I take this sort of stuff for granted and it's nice to be reminded how some people may never see things like this.  I am a lucky girl indeed.  And the hike was awesome.  We followed a river up to this place where there were pools of water and a natural water slide in the red rock.  It was gorgeous.  People were swimming in it and have a grand ol' time (I wasn't adequately prepared to swim.)

Dinosaur Footprints

A glimpse of the pools
The water slide is in the back of this picture.  You could go over this little ledge to more procarious hiking, but I was a chicken with my little mary jane shoes and the ledge above water, so I stayed behind and watched people's stuff.  After my roommate Shelby came back she told me it was probably a good thing I didn't go, because she didn't know how someone with short legs could do it.  (She's 5' 11'' and has long legs to match).

 Anasazi Ruins

The hiking group

Back at Zions
Some of my Bountiful friends came to visit me, and we went to Zions and enjoyed the lovely rocks.
MaryAnn and I by the rock I affectionately called, "the ham rock"
The hike on Watchman's Trail.  Beautiful isn't it?  There were surprisingly few people on this trail, which I enjoyed.
This was taken on our scenic drive through Kolob, the northern part of Zions.  My it was beautiful.  I'd love to go back someday for some hiking.  But seriously, the view was breath taking.
This actually isn't from hiking.  This was just a beautiful trail we found on the outskirts of Cedar as we were letter boxing.  It was gorgeous.  If I had a car, I'd come here to go running.

So, I've done some great hiking while I've been here.  Nothing too crazy, like Angel's Landing, but I've enjoyed it none the less.  I love hiking and being in nature.  I love the red rock, but I'm ready to see a bit more green.  I have a soft spot in my heart for greenery and trees.  Perhaps it's my childhood in Washington coming out.  In a week I'll be back north again, perhaps there will be a bit more green there. 

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