Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lazy Days...

After much insanity getting ready for dress rehearsals, things are calm and lovely. This week we're only working half days and now we're coming into work later (which means I really should run before work). From the looks of things we won't be working Friday either. So close to being done! I'm very excited about that since I'm definitely slowing down and getting a little burnt out. But at the same time, I will miss the wonderful learning atmosphere here and the chance to make such beautiful things with wonderful materials and great people to help me.

I am certainly enjoying my afternoons though.

Yesterday I practiced voice in my practice room, which I love, love, love and will miss dearly when I leave. There's a Steinway in there and such great acoustics - I can't help but sing out at the top of my lungs! Then I went to see The Glass Menagerie. It's a very intriguing play. I really enjoyed the symbolism in it.

And today has been lazy, lazy, lazy. I've cleaned, napped, baked bread and read. I'll probably read some more before going to Richard III tonight. I'm reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell right now and am just loving it. So much more depth than the movie.

Here's some more things I've made for your viewing pleasure.

This is a cape I helped make for Mrs. Shimm. The actress is a little taller than me, so the breastplate and cape are consuming me.

While I didn't build the little pink dress from scratch, I made it A LOT smaller.

Bolero jacket for Marian. I love the white trim.

Back of the sleeves. This is my favorite part.

My favorite project. This dress is gorgeous. (I feel I can say that since I just made it and didn't design it.)

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  1. I love North and South! We'll have to chat about that this weekend. :)