Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Only 4 dresses, 2 suit coats, 1 cape and 31 people's alteratations to go...

Oh and we only have 2 weeks.

Crazy? Yes, slightly. But somehow we'll do it! That's the magic of theatre and I love it! Today was crazy getting ready for photo call, but we made it. Luckily.

I'm exhausted though and feel like it should be Friday already. I woke up (after a restless night) and my eyes were blood shot. I was really tempted not to wear my contacts, but my prescription is old and I just sort of kind of need to see well for my job. (By sort of kind of, I mean a lot). Plus wearing my glasses, just makes me feel tired and like slouching all day and disappearing into a corner. Don't know what it is that does that to me, because they're cute glasses, but it's just better if I wear my contacts.

So I put my contacts in, did some Pilates (I'm trying to get back in the habit of exercising). I tried to ignore the fact that my eyes hurt like crazy, and my throat hurt and my body was just tired. Certainly not my best day at work. But at least the jacket turned out pretty and I could listen to BYU devotionals while I sewed.

This is my favorite lately:http://speeches.byu.edu/?act=viewitem&id=1960.

Brother Williams talks about our yearning for home - our heavenly home and it really hit home. I've been feeling that homesickness for my heavenly home more and more lately. The more I see of the world, the more I long for the world beyond. And the closest we have here is the temple, and that is an hour away. Hopefully there's a temple trip soon! I need a little more heaven in my life.

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