Friday, March 2, 2012

From Duck to Bird Feet

This week at work, I have been recovering duck feet to turn them into bird feet for the next show at school, Rare Bird. Last week, my costume design professor asked me if I felt up to recovering these duck feet:

She handed me some vinyl and some muslin and I set to work on my first draping project. For those who don't know, draping is a way of making patterns where you arrange and pin and cut fabric around a form and then turn it into a pattern. Here's a picture of my pattern. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture until after it was recovered, so it only vaguely shows the idea:

And here's the final product! Well almost finished, they still need to be painted blue.

It's been really fun and I've learned a lot about draping, working with vinyl, working with strong glues and much more. It's been a challenge, but a great learning opportunity and great for my portfolio, as my professor said. Most people start draping bodices or skirts, but for me, I started with bird's feet. My professor and I had a good laugh about that today : )

I really loved working on this project, as I do most of my sewing and craft projects. I'm so grateful that I've found my niche. But sometimes I get a little too wrapped up with it. After work I went to the temple and was reminded of what's truly important. How ever much I love costume design, sewing and creating beautiful things, that's not what matters most. What matters most is putting the Lord, family and relationships first.  I'm grateful for the temple, scriptures and good people who help me remember where my priorities truly lie.

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