Thursday, June 14, 2012

Les Mis Costumes (what I've really been doing in Cedar City)

At last, you can see what I've been working on. These dresses were mine to build from scratch. (We also did lots of alterations.) Special thanks to our designer Kevin Alberts for being so organized and awesome, which actually made the 250 or so looks in this show actually possible to be ready for our dress rehearsal on Saturday.

This first look is Fantine, played by Melinda Pfundstien. This dress is now finished completely, but I have yet to get pictures up of that.  Now it's down in the dye room getting made to look old and dirty. It has been fun to make something for a lead character!

This is the ballgown I made (making - I'm finishing it tomorrow).  It has been a delight and a challenge to make.  My fabric came in after everyone else so it was a mad dash to catch up with everyone else, but I made it!  In fact it only took me about 24 work hours to go from pieces of fabric to fitting stage, which is what you see below.  I couldn't believe how fast it went together.  Of course, now there's all the time consuming finishing work, but it's still coming together nicely.  It now has buttons on the front and lots of flowers on the ruffle.  She's going to look so beautiful.  I love the lace that chevrons down the front.  I rather want a ballgown myself. The actress that wears this is Sara Griffin.  She was very sweet last week and brought our team brownies to say 'thank you' for making her costumes. 

Pictures taken by Jack Schmitz, our awesome first hand (the person that cut out the fabric).

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