Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Believe in You!

Almost everyday I leave school and work feeling like I can do anything.  Why?  Because I have awesome professors and classmates who believe in me.  For example, my costume design mentor thinks I have what it takes to work at Shakespeare's Globe theatre in London this next summer.  I wouldn't have presumed myself good enough for such a prestigious theatre, yet thanks to a professor who believes in me, I'm going to apply.  Crazy!  Wouldn't it be fun to go work in London?

The Globe (from
Another example happened today.  I am taking an entrepreneur class for my minor and I feel grossly inadequate most days.  I've taken so few business classes and this class has upper level business majors and MBA's... and me the theatre major.  Yikes!  It is a discussion based class and I've felt I have very little to contribute to the conversation given my background.  Well, today we broke into groups to start companies (yes, I'm going to start a real live business!) and this guy who always makes super intelligent comments came straight over to me and asked me to be in his group.  He told me he was impressed with my comments and wanted to work with me.  I was so flattered!  Perhaps my comments were a little better than I thought.  For the rest of class I sat a little straighter and commented more confidently.  

It's amazing what it does to you having someone believe in.  The results are so much better than trying to change someone through criticism.  I suppose you could say it's the power of love.  If you're trying to force someone to change, they will probably just resent you and you will get nowhere.  Yet, if you see the good in the other person they will want to rise up to your vision of them.  I know I have.  Would I want to let my professor or my classmate down after they've shown such confidence in me?  Heavens, no!  Their belief in me makes me want to give all I can to be better.

I've been lucky enough to have people believe in me.  Some people don't and that breaks my heart.  I know I must fall grossly short in loving and believing in people as much as I should, but I hope my efforts at least make a dent.  Everyone needs a cheerleader who sees their potential and tells them that they can succeed.  I hope I can do my part to spread the love and help people stretch towards their potential.  

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  1. You are so sweet Val!! Always knew you would be a wonderful wedding gown designer (remember me when your famous)! You always bring people up!!