Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Frida Kahlo Hair

A lady at work told me today that I had Frida Kahlo hair. This is what I first thought of:

Frida is sort of known for her uni-brow. But luckily she did not say I had that.

Below is a picture of my hair today.  (And please don't mind the unpleasant look on my face.  All the ones with with me smiling just looked silly.)  I was picturing the picture above and wondering how there was resemblance.

Then I saw this picture:

Ah ha! Now that is tasteful. I'll that as compliment. 

Now I really should do my finance homework.
It's a good thing it's the end of the semester.

Anyone notice that my posts have become more frequent with the approach of finals?  Yes, blogging has become a nice form of procrastination for me.  Hope you enjoy the fruits of my procrastination in the form of this post.

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