Sunday, April 15, 2012

A week and a half left

That's how much time left until classes end.  And I'm so excited.

This week was crazy busy with a research paper to write, a show to design, and banquets to attend.  This research paper was assigned to us a week and a half before it was due - just because the professor forgot to assign it over a month ago.  So I had to scramble to write it.  I can't say it's the best thing I've ever written, but I gave it all I could with everything I had going on.

Then I inherited a play to design costumes for on Monday... and dress rehearsal is today.  No big deal, I can whip up some costumes.  ; )  It was a little crazy, but the good thing for me was that since I came in so late and helping them out last minute I gave them a lot of stipulations.  For instance, I felt uncomfortable with some of the things in the play, so I told the director I wouldn't go to any of the rehearsals or performances.  So I just drop off clothes and they let me know if there are any problems.  It's great!  And a lot of people are using their own clothes, so really it's not too horrible. 

Then I had two banquets to attend, one was to accept a scholarship and the other was to induct new members to Phi Eta Sigma (an honor society I'm an officer in).  On Tuesday I went to a banquet with members of the University of Utah Alumni Board to accept a scholarship for next year.  It was very posh up in the Rice Eccles Stadium.  I meant to take a picture of the beautiful view, but didn't.  They served us black Thai rice as part of our meal and I loved it!  I need to figure out where I can buy that stuff.  It was a lovely evening and though it cut into my homework time, I was grateful for the opportunity to thank the board for giving me a scholarship.  It will be such a blessing to me.  It has lifted such a burden off of my shoulders.  And it has opened up money so I can buy a car.  I'm so looking forward to having the independence of a car again.  Now if only I can find a car...

And although I spent a good chunk of my time doing homework this weekend, tomorrow I'm going to wish I did more.  But you've got to stay well rounded.  So I did play.  Last night I went to a bachelorette party for an old roommate and friend and all but one of the girls we lived with were there.  It was so delightful to have us all together again.  How I'd missed those girls! 

Anyway, I'm going to regret it if I stay up any more.  I'm going to start my day early tomorrow.  There's of course much to be done.  Plays to read, dresses to make, applications to fill out, etc. 

I was going to say something spiritual with it being Sunday and all, but I'm out of time.  So just watch this instead:

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  1. That is amazing Valerie. I am so happy for you for the scholarship. I hope you find a car that you will like. I can't wait to see you in July time. I have like 2 weeks left of my evening class. Then on May 9 is my final for my class.