Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Adventures

I've got less than a week left in northern Utah.  On Saturday, my summer adventures begin. I am ready for summer, but it is certainly going to be one of the busiest ones I've had.  Here's about how it will go:

On Saturday, my family is driving to Arizona where my sister served her mission.  We'll spend half a day there and then drive down to Mexico with a family she knows.  We'll spend a couple lovely days on the beach before we head north again.  The rest of my family will stay in Arizona for a few more days, but I'm flying home(ish) early.

 Don't worry, I'm just going here in Mexico.  It's just going to be a tiny bit beautiful : )

I say home(ish) because I won't go home between there and Cedar City.  Yes, for those who haven't heard, I'm going back to work at the Utah Shakespeare Festival and am delighted to have this opportunity again.  I'm excited to use what I've learned and learn more sewing techniques, meet more people, renew friendships and enjoy beautiful southern Utah while I'm there.

But don't worry, my adventures don't end there.  I'm leaving before everyone else so I can go do a term at BYU.  Am I transferring back to BYU?  No, not permanently, but I missed it so much (and it's cheaper) that I decided why not go back for a term?  Plus it will help me graduate in a year and a half.  Hurray!
I'm a little nervous to go back because the courses are more rigorous than the U's and as I've learned you really do rise (or lower) to people's expectations.  And while I still work very hard in my classes at the U, there is less work required to succeed (although that depends on your definition of succeed).  In some of my classes I have learned a lot, but I do feel I need to supplement what we do in class to really learn as in depth as I'd like.  I'm also starting a week late (which is like 2 weeks since it's Summer term) so that makes me a little nervous, but I'll make it work!  

Then a wedding in August (that I'm making a veil for) and two weeks of real free time, before it's back to the U for Fall semester.

But before all the fun, I need to take four finals, pack, and clean.  I'm really wishing I was Mary Poppins right now - I'd just snap my fingers and everything would be put away.  Oh and I'd be "practically perfect in every way." : )

So, my dear friends from Northern Utah, I will miss you lots and lots (though a few of you are coming to visit me). I feel like I'm finally getting established, and then I leave.  But the good thing is that I will be back come August.  But this blog will soon return to its original purpose, to record my adventures when I'm away from my friends and family.

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  1. Sound like a busy summer for you. I have a busy summer too, I might take a sign language class June 19-28. Before that, I will be doing a noncredit class online from May 16-June 22 which is a Wednesday/Friday schedule. I am also trying to get a job and get my license toward the end of this month or before like the 3rd week or something. Then going to MA to see my grandparents and aunt. Then coming home to do laudry and pack up again and we might be leaving for Utah like July 11 or 12 or something, still not sure. I can't wait to see you soon.