Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm in Love... with Spring

How can you not be in love with beautiful blossoms, warm weather, and sunshine? It's getting really hard to stay inside. I just want to sit out on the grass and read and daydream.

The funny thing is that when I was younger, I hated being outdoors. I hated the bugs, the dirtiness, and the feel of grass. I couldn't get inside soon enough. Now it's the opposite. I wish I could plug my sewing machine and iron in outside and sit in the sun and sew.

On a whim after visiting teaching, I drove up to the temple (with the windows rolled down - my favorite) and just walked around as the sun set. It was magnificent. It was the perfect temperature, and quiet and still and I was quite content.


  1. I love spring! I wish my allergies did, too, but they tend to hate spring.. It is so pretty outside and the temp. is awesome! The sunset last night was AMAZING! You got the best view! Spring also means that school is almost over. Get excited!

    1. Yes! Only a week and a half left! And boy do I have Spring fever. Hurray for Spring and the end of school!