Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mesa/Mexico Adventure: Part 3

Now that you've been introduced to the beautiful Rocky Point (or Peurto Penesco as they say in Mexico) I'll tell a little more of our adventures.  It was a fast trip - only just more than 2 days there, but I have no complaints.  And you lucky ducks get a few bits and pieces from my journal, because it's easier than me writing it out again.

This is what I wrote about the first morning there:

"In the morning when I got up, Mom, Jen, Jessica and the Kai were about to go on a walk on the beach.  So I hurried to grab some shoes and went out.  We went for a lovely walk along the shoreline and found pretty seashells and looked at the cool houses.  It my first sense of where we were in the day light.  And it was beautiful.  There we were just off of the Sea of Cortez on the beach and the ocean was a beautiful blue-green.  And there were so many shells along the shore." 

Later in the day we went for rides on the jet skis.  I vaguely remember going for a terrifying ride on one when I was 9 or so and was ready to go for a real ride this time! 

"I was a little nervous to go on the jet skis.  The water wasn’t as flat as would be ideal, which made for more jumps and a much rockier ride.  I watched Dan, Dad, Michael, Jen, Mom, and Jessica go out before I would take my chances.  Finally I got up the courage to go.  Dad took me out for my first ride (I'd watched him and he was good maneuvering around the waves).  I went terrified and came back excited.  Still scared, but excited.  The waves were rolling, but Dad knew how to maneuver his way around them and he went fast enough that it was exciting, but slow enough that I wasn’t terrified.  My first run was short, but then we went out two more times and went faster and longer each time.  It was great!  

The next day we pulled out the jet skis again.  This time the water was flatter.  To my surprise, I liked the waves a little more.  It wasn’t as fun to me just to go fast across the water.  I’d rather have the obstacles and the rolls of the ocean.  But it was fun and I went a lot with Jen.  Jessica also took me once, but she would laugh like a crazy woman as she drove and that freaked me out more than anything else.  I did try driving once, but I didn’t care for it.  Just like in real life and cars, I’d much rather ride than drive.  And other people were more than happy to drive.  So there you have it.  I have conquered another fear.  That’s one of my hobbies, you see, conquering fears.  You’d think I was a daredevil, but really I was just a fraidy cat growing up."
(I wish I had pictures for this, but they're on my sister's camera and I don't have them yet.)

We also took out the ATV and the ranger which was so fun!  (Once again, I'd never been 4-wheeling before.)  I'm a little better with land than water so I was less nervous- plus I'd already conquered the jet ski fear.  I do have pictures of this.
 Jess out for a ride.

 Dad having fun on the toys.

 Jen taking me for a ride.

 Going for my first drive.

 Loving life out in the Mexican desert

 Mamma going for a ride.

That's most of the adventuring we did.  Perhaps not so adventurous to some, but I suppose it's all relative.  I feel like that is a long enough post.  So stay tuned for part 4 and then I'll finally move on to my adventures in the land of the Shakespeare Festival.

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