Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mesa/Mexico Adventure: Part 4

So I thought I could finish all my Mexico blogging in 3, but apparently not.  So here is the very end

The girls in Rocky Point.
We were staying just outside Rocky Point, and both days we went into town.  We did a little haggling over goods.  I surprised myself and found I wasn't too bad of at this haggling thing.  I got two nice looking pairs of earrings - one abalone and the other lapis (which always makes me think of Ella Enchanted since she wears lapis jewelry to one of balls.  And it's just a really pretty blue).

My mom and  Jen bought these beautifully painted dishes.  I really wanted one, but without my own home it didn't seem practical to get.
 Here is a picture of Mom's:
 Pretty, isn't it?

On the first day, we went to dinner at this amazing place known for it's chicken, Pollo Lucus (if you're a gringo like me, you say it with lot's of "l" in pollo, but I quickly learned it's said more like poyo).  It was this quaint little place with thatched roofs and open sides so the air just blew through.  And they only served a few things (like In-and-Out).  They have chicken, beans, rice, salsa, cabbage, and tortillas.  But what they made was GOOD.

Getting ready to eat the delicious food.

 Michael loving his food oh so much.

Looking happy after eating such good food.
(P.S. I love the look on my little sister's face.  Look at the girl with the red shirt : )

I've been craving those tortillas ever since.  I could do with some of that chicken and beans too, but mainly I want those tortillas.  I keep having Mexican food, hoping it will be like Pollo Lucas, but it's not.  The Costa Vida I had on Saturday was really good, but not the same.  Ugh, I just want to go back to Mexico and eat their delicious food. Anyway, it was delicious.  And I want to go back

And of course, no vacation on the beach is complete without relaxing, playing in the sand, and collecting seashells.

And so ends my Mexico saga.

 Saying good bye to the brightly colored Mexican streets

...And entering the states again where the desert looked like chalk art.  It was beautiful.

And the next day I made the journey to Cedar City, and I'll be blogging about that now.  Thanks for listening/looking at my Mexican trip!  I had a blast!

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