Friday, May 11, 2012

Mesa/Mexico Adventures: Part 1

I'm back from my trip to Mesa and Mexico and mostly moved into my new apartment.  Do you know what that means?  It means it is time to reminisce about my lovely trip.  

My family drove to Mesa.  My older sister went with a friend a few days before to see one of her converts go through the temple, so it was only the five of us.  It was a lovely ride.  I slept, journaled, took pictures, and enjoyed being with my family and having time to think.

 Mom reading, as she did most of the way.  Dad driving.  He drove all the way to Mexico.  Go Dad!

 Jess reading - or maybe sleeping.
 For lunch we stopped at a cute little place in Kanab called The Three Bears.  The decor was very whimsical and Mom, Jess and I had to take a picture in the three bear's chairs... although I'm in Papa Bear's chair and I am most certainly not a papa.  It was a cute place and the food was good, but I later wished I got a salad or something, because Mexican food does not include many vegetables, and I love my veggies!

We drove on to the hot desert of Mesa, where we met Jen.   She took us to dinner at a grocery store that has a restaurant in it that had really good Mexican food, so we could celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  It felt like a party in there with lots of bright colors and mariachi music playing.  After we went to the Mesa Temple and Visitor Center where she served most of her mission. 

 I practiced my picture taking skills, which you can probably need to be improved.  I'm really coveting a fancy camera with different lenses right now.

In the morning Jen, Jessica, and I went back where we could get a picture in the light.  By 10 am it was already hot - though I'm sure it wasn't bad to those Arizonians.  Anyway, we met some of Jen's missionary friends and was the grounds in the light.  I really wished I had had the time to do baptisms for the dead while I was there.  The temple was so magnificent in person.  Alas, it was a whirlwind trip and the Mesa temple will have to wait.

The second part of my saga will have to wait.  I can't wait to tell you all about Mexico and our adventure there, but I'm getting sleepy.

Random Note:
I can't believe last Thursday I was still in finals.  That seems like forever ago.  Perhaps because I've gone to Mesa, Mexico, and moved all in one week.  That just may explain it.

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