Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mesa/Mexico Adventures: Part 2

On Sunday we went to church at one of the wards Jen served in.  It was so fun to see how excited people were to see her.  She was introducing us to people right and left.  It was so nice to finally put faces to these people I'd heard so much about.

After a delicious dinner by the family that took us to Mexico, we took off for Rocky Point, Mexico!  It was a little longer drive than I expected, but highly pleasant.  We didn't get to the border until after dark, so I was naturally a littler nervous after all the stories I've heard about northern Mexico, but the family we went with go to Mexico all the time and thought we were safe so I trusted them.  So with trust in hand the car ride was awesome. There was much laughter and silly things said.  I was was loving it so much I took to being the family historian and recorded some of my favorite things said.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a couple quotes from the car ride.  You may have had to be there, but regardless of that I'm posting them.

Michael – "Dad, did you know there are extended versions of Lord of the Rings?  So instead of the trilogy being 9 hours, it’s like 14 hours!”
Dad – "Oh really!"
Michael –" I feel a father’s day gift coming on next February!"
Valerie – "Wait why February?  Father’s Day is in June!"
Michael – "Oh right!  I had no clue when Father's Day was so I just said February."


Dad – "This road keeps getting narrower and narrower."
          (This was in Mexico.)
Michael – "Pretty soon it’s going to become one lane -"
Valerie – "With both lanes of traffic coming on each other."
Michael – "That’s an extreme version of chicken!"
Jen – "At 90 miles per hour!"


Michael and I were having a grand ol' time laughing and come to find out we might have annoyed the wee one in our family just a bit (and normally she's the one laughing hysterically!).  Whoops!  

When we finally reached the house, this is what greeted us:
(Though these pictures were taken after we arrived).

The sinks were painted so beautifully.

This was in my shower.  It was awesome.

I fell in love with all the beautiful mosaics.  It makes me want some in my home someday.

And you just stepped outside and there was the beach.  They were on a beautiful private beach that was nicknamed, "Shell Beach," which is no exaggeration as you'll see from the pictures.  Both the house and the beach were absolutely beautiful.

I was practicing my photo-taking skills if you can't tell. Some pictures were definitely better than others, but I thought I got some interesting shots. But the place was beautiful, so it was hard to mess up.
What better place to take a family photo than on the beach?  P.S. I love that there's a little rainbow in the bottom left corner.  P.P.S. I feel like I look like I'm 14 in this picture.  I'm missing my smart little bob.  Maybe if my hair looked like the picture below, people might actually think I'm in my 20's instead of a teenager...

And to end today's post.  Michael on the computer, in Mexico, somehow managing to look grumpy.


More to come!
P.S. I was trying to figure out how to format pictures on this thing so they weren't all in a straight line, but I didn't succeed.  If anyone knows how to, you should let me know!



  1. I love you and your family!! Basically you guys are my favorite family! Beautiful pictures and I am extremely jealous! Talk to you soon!

  2. I am stilll trying to figure that out too. When I go to Utah I could show you I figure out how to do the pictures so they weren't in a straight line or you could call me while you are on the computer and I am on the computer and show you that way too. I also need to help you get skype set up again. Hopefully Michael or your dad might know how to help you, if not I would be gladly of being able to help you out.